Beehive IoT

Welcome Web 3 friends. We are on a mission to save the bees!

As you may know, without bees no fruits will grow. But there is a danger: bees suffer from the infestation of a parasite. This pest kills 10-15% of bees worldwide every year!! :-(. It is a fight for life and death.

How we can help them? We will conduct an IoT research project for beehives. Equipped with sensors and actuators controlled by an ESP processor communicating through the Helium LORAWAN network. As you may know, Helium is the first global Public network based on blockchain tech, where the transmitters are the miners and HNT can be earned. So we are all running this network and using it to rescure bees. How cool is that?

More about soon on how our hive IoT control unit is setup up…