Bo and friends explore the Multiverse – Chapter 5:

The Wild Boars

While Bo was traveling in Switzerland, he met another bear named Max. Max was a little older and already had a lot of experience in the area. Bo was surprised to meet another bear and the two started talking.

They quickly realized that they had many common interests and decided to continue traveling together. They explored the surroundings and looked out for new adventures.

One day, they came across two wild boars that occupied the river and did not allow any other animals to use the water. Bo and Max decided to chase them away and make a plan.

They knew that they were strong and fast, but they also knew that the wild boars were also strong and cunning.

So they thought up a trick. They decided that Bo would give the signal when it was time, and Max should be ready to surprise the wild boars.

The next morning, Bo went to the river and made as much noise as he could. When the boars saw him, they ran to him to chase him away. The moment they were in range, Bo gave the signal. Max jumped out of his hiding place and attacked the boars from behind.

The boars were caught off guard and confused, and Bo and Max were able to drive them off without any problem. The two bears cheered with joy and swam in the river to celebrate their victory.

From then on, they kept the river clear and allowed other animals to use it. Bo and Max were very proud of their achievement and were now known as the brave bears who had saved the river.