The Team

Our mission is to combine Web3 education with charitable projects. And have fun doing it!

The Initiators

Ricardo Burgos

From San Salvador, El Salvador. Living in Germany since 1996.

IT guy through and through. Auditor in Stuttgart. Father and Husband.

#elsalvador #germany #web3

Markus Schütt

Open minded and technology enthusiastic German.
Currently I am a professional IT Risk Manager and see many challenges but even more opportunities in the new digital world.


Martin Soos

With my private d-Identity project I try to breathe real life into #crypto, for a more #sustainable & #equity #future #foresight #social #nonProfit


In addition to the initiators, the board of directors of the association consists of the following persons:

Board Members

Sonia Galkin

Connecting people and technology is what drives me. Located in Sweden I work as an IT manager. I truly believe that new technologies bring exciting opportunities to take advantage of.

Maximilian Gummert

IT can do so much – it can connect, help and excite people! As a family man from Germany with a professional background in Engineering and Sales I hope to contribute to this innovative Web3 endeavour.

Alex Obese-Jecty

Finance professional and Blockchain enthusiast.
Distributed ledger technology makes the world a better place. Let’s bring it to the masses.