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Payment of the annual fee in the amount of 24 EUR:
* The general payment due date for each member is January 1
* In the entry year the individual membership fee is reduced by 2 EUR for
– each full month before the entry date, payment due date is the entry date
– (e.g. entry on May 5: 24 EUR – 4 x 2 EUR = 16 EUR)
* In case of a membership termination the fee portion for the remainder of the year is not reimbursed
* In exceptional case, the yearly fee can be waived. The decision is taken on a case-by-case manner and requires approval by at least 3 members of the board to become valid.
* All other stipulations from the Articles of Association remain unchanged.

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Bank: Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg (KSKLB)
IBAN: DE34 6045 0050 0030 2292 91