Global Crypto Football Club – Community Edition 2022

From the community, for the community.


Become part of the first global Crypto Football Club! As a member of the Web3 User Group e.V. you will receive your own, custom made proof of membership.

Each NFT will be created with your preferences (e.g. player number, position) and some values will be randomly generated (Stamina, Technique, Tackling values).

The plan is to be able to play online against other player using your NFT.

As with everything we do at the Web3 User Group, we will plan and design the game mechanics with involvement of the community.

Stay tuned and join us in the regular zoom meetings (bi weekly Thursday, 16:00 UTC) to get this project up and running! Send us an email to get the Zoom invite.

Please use the button below to apply for a NFT in our Global Football Club:

Here you find some examples of our NFT collection: