Project – Cardano GPS Adventures powered by NFT and CardanoBeam

Cardano GPS Adventures …
The team will create an exciting GPS adventure designed specifically for students (aged between 7 and 15) in Espoo, Finland. The pilot project promotes physical activity by providing engaging themed treasure hunts that inspire participants to explore the city. By offering this captivating adventure, individuals are encouraged to get moving, discover new locations, and actively engage with their surroundings. To carry out the pilot project, we will leverage the pre-existing network of students from the School of Gaming (SOG) in Espoo.

School of Gaming provides a secure space for gamers and aims to bring game education to every corner of the world. Their mission promotes the idea that anyone can become a gamer, fostering a learning environment where individuals can connect with others globally and have fun in an inclusive and safe setting. Additional information regarding SOG will be presented in the section provided below.

The pilot project will create a unique experience utilizing the capabilities of the Cardano blockchain to create and distribute native assets. Through the registration process facilitated by the Cardano Beam app, students will effortlessly create their own Cardano wallet. This seamless setup enables them to dive into the world of Web3 technology and easily grasp its distinctive features. By embracing this user-friendly approach, students can swiftly gain knowledge about the fundamental aspects of web3 technology and its applications.

Real and Digital Worlds – Combined!
During this interactive adventure, students engage in a captivating experience that seamlessly merges the virtual world of Minecraft with the real-world surroundings of Espoo. By utilizing their gaming skills, such as solving riddles within dedicated Minecraft servers, and exploring the local environment, participants embark on a dynamic quest that leads them to fascinating cultural sites. This unique adventure ensures an unforgettable journey that aligns with the adventure’s goals.

Cooperation project with …

https://www.sog.ggSchool of Gaming

https://dynamicstrategies.ioDynamic Strategies

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