Web3 User Group GPS Adventure

What is the Web3 User Group GPS Adventure?
The Web3UG GPS Adventure is a permanent activity that will be linked to our future NFT projects (like the Xmas NFT and the Crypto Football Challenge). There are also further ideas in the pipeline 🙂.
The idea is, that NFT and other Cardano-native assets are locked in GPS positions around the globe.
Using the iOS (BETA version available) and Android App of our partner Dynamic strategies.
You will be able to get the locked assets if you meet certain conditions. On one side, you have to own the Web3UG GPS pass (or for certain reward – multiple passes). And … some rewards will be only available during a pre-defined time-windows (e.g. during a concert or football-match, etc.).

Which steps do I need to follow?
1. Install the Cardano Beam App – the app is available for Android Devices: Cardano Beam – Apps on Google Play and Cardano Beam – Apple App Store.
2. Transfer 3 ADA to your wallet in CardanoBeam – (this is required for the Smart Contract execution).
3. Get the GPS Adventure Token from us 👋.

How do I get the GPS Adventure Token?
1. The first 48 GPS Adventure Passes will be distributed to the 16 people that volunteered to test the passes and the CardanoBeam App.
2. Each holder of a Xmas NFT Web3 User Group – Xmas Collection will get 3 passes for each card they hold on Dec. 26th 2022 at 18:00 UTC.
– if your address is listed in the file, please send 2 ADA from that address to the $web3-user-group address

– after that step you will receive 2 ADA back, together with the number of GPS Adventure Passes (3 per each Xmas card you held on Dec 26th)
3. Purchase an NFT card via Jpg.Store using this collection: Web3 User Group – GPS Adventure Collection.
4. Contribute to our Web3 User Group by engaging in our Discord / Twitter Channel. We will be doing regular giveaways together with our partners.

* from now on, until Dec. 25th 2022: Test Run in 16 countries – unlocking of the first assets (Xmas Collections and some other goodies).
* Dec. 25th 2022 – Snapshop of Xmas Card Holders – remember: for each card you hold, you will get 3 GPS Adventure Passes!.
* During January 2023: Design and alignment of phase 2 with the community and our partners.


Why should I join the GPS Adventure 🧐?
* Get to know the #CardanoCommunity members in real life – find allies for your projects and people that are already active in the Cardano environment!
* Explore the surroundings of the place you live/work in the real #web3 manner.
* Collect Cardano-native assets and tokens from our partner projects (see details below).
* Shape the GPS Adventure with your ideas and other partnerships.
* Contribute to Web3 Education in developing countries – #EducationMatters.

What can I expect from being part of this?
We have a nice group of projects that are supporting us with NFT and other assets to grow this initiative. Among those:
* Trading Tent – by owning one of our Xmas NFT in your wallet, you get a 50% discount on any trade you do using this amazing platform.
* Snapbrillia will support us with tickets to great #Cardano Events in 2023!
* Blockchain Learning Center Together with our partners at the Blockchain Learning Center, we will prepare some nice educational surprises for the community – supported by GPS Adventures 👊.
* Some NFT projects (e.g. ADAQuest and FortGotten Kidz) have given us some assets to share with the community! ADA Quest & Fort Gotten.
* Cardano Hotel Ideas on their way for a great collaboration here – stay tuned for details!
* Our goal is to involve everyone in the Cardano Community who wants to support #Education in #DevelopingCountries.
* Furthermore, our goal is to involve real businesses in the different geo-locations – so they see the benefit of #Web3 on real life use cases (e.g. partnership with restaurants, touristic tour companies, etc).

We hope you are also curious and excited about this initiative and help us spread the word in the #CardanoCommunity.

Some examples of the artwork of the Xmas Cards:

Also – several influencer from the Cardano Community have contributed with their images and/or photographs for our Xmas Collection.